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General Information
In accordance with the current data protection legislation (GDPR and applicable national laws), we present below the Privacy Policy regarding the processing of your personal data as a visitor to our website https://www.en.shl.ro/ .
By „we,” we mean our company, and you can find details about us at the end of this document.

Collected Data and Purpose of Processing
We collect and process personal data that you voluntarily provide to us when you wish to contact us directly for support and assistance (questions/clarifications regarding our services, quotation requests, feedback, etc.). Typically, we process identity data (name, surname), contact data (email, phone), and/or data related to your profession (e.g., the company you work for).
We also automatically collect and process other personal data through information systems and cookies (data such as IP address, geographic location, browser settings, visit duration, website page navigation, etc.). This is done to ensure the security of administration by diagnosing connectivity issues, preventing fraud, and analyzing aspects related to website visitors (geographic locations, browsing preferences, etc.) for its improvement. The legal bases for processing are your consent (e.g., cookie processing), our legitimate interests (e.g., automatic data collection), the execution of a contract (e.g., quotation requests for our services), or compliance with a legal obligation.

Data Retention and Transfer to Third Parties
We retain your personal data for a period no longer than necessary to fulfill the stated purposes, in accordance with legal requirements and our internal data retention schedule.
Data collected directly from you are not transferred to any third party as a standard practice, except for service providers who support us in the proper conduct of our activities (e.g., website maintenance, IT technical support).
Only when necessary, we may transmit your data to various authorities, public institutions, lawyers, auditors, external consultants – exclusively to the extent that it is necessary for them to be aware of or process these data in accordance with applicable legal requirements, including when exercising our right to defense against claims/litigation.
Your personal data does not typically leave the EU space, and when it does, we ensure that adequate protections are in place (adequacy decisions, Privacy Shield, etc.).

Data Security
Data security is one of our important objectives, covering topics such as confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Through well-established organizational and technical measures, we ensure that your data is protected.

Your Rights
Based on the applicable data protection laws, you have the following rights:
– The right to access data (you can request information about the processed data at any time).
– The right to rectify data (you can request an update of the data we hold).
– The right to erasure of data (in accordance with applicable requirements, you can request data deletion).
– The right to object to data processing.
– The right to data portability.
– The right to object to automated decisions and profiling, which can have significant effects.
– The right to directly contact the Supervisory Authority to file a complaint (a href=”www.dataprotection.ro”>www.dataprotection.ro).
We reserve the right to modify this Policy whenever we deem it necessary and invite you to review it regularly.

What are cookies?
A cookie is a file that is saved on your computer when you visit a website. This file allows the retention of your settings and preferences when you revisit the site, providing you with a better online experience. You have the option to allow or disallow cookies. Generally, browsers have the Cookies option enabled by default, so if you do not want to allow cookies, you will need to modify this in your browser settings. Cookies cannot be used to run programs or transmit computer viruses to your device; they are „passive” files – meaning they do not contain software programs, viruses, or spyware and cannot access information on your hard drive.

Does https://www.en.shl.ro/ use cookies?
Yes. The https://www.en.shl.ro/ website uses cookies to provide visitors with a better browsing experience. In addition, certain basic activities require cookies. For example, we use cookies for:

• Visitor analysis, for the purpose of improving the online experience. Using programs from the Google suite (e.g., Google Analytics), or other external websites and services, we collect anonymous data about visits to our site, such as viewed pages.
• Registration. When you register on this site, we generate a cookie that informs us whether you are registered or not.
• Preserving your preferences and providing content and advertising. These cookies retain the preferences of each user on the site, eliminating the need to set them on each visit to the site.
• The software used allows for the aggregate recording of behavior regarding the use of our site.

The information obtained through cookies is anonymous and will not be linked to personal data. https://www.en.shl.ro/ does not send this information to any third party for independent use.

What types of cookies do we use?
We use two types of cookies: session cookies – active during a browsing session, and persistent cookies – active for a longer period of time. The first type remains on the user’s device until the session ends or the application (web browser) is closed. Persistent cookies remain on the device for a period defined by specific parameters or until explicitly deleted by the user.

Can they contain personal data?
Cookies themselves do not request personal information to be used, and in most cases, they do not personally identify internet users. Data collected through the use of cookies is only used to facilitate certain functionalities for users. By default, the data stored in cookie files is encrypted in a way that makes it impossible for unauthorized persons to access it.

Do you want to block cookies?
If you want to block cookies, some functionalities of the website will be disabled, which may result in certain dysfunctions or errors in using our website. If you accept these limitations and are determined to block cookies, follow the instructions below. Most browsers are set by default to accept cookies, but you have the option to change settings to block some or all cookies, if you prefer. If you do not like how this affects your online experience, it is just as easy to accept cookies again. Select your browser from the list below to view the instructions for disabling cookies:
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For other browsers, please consult the documentation provided by the browser manufacturer.