Video Interviews

Make a positive impression of your brand by providing first of its kind, personalized feedback to every candidate.

Our selection of video interview products gives you the ability to quickly screen a large number of candidates or give them a live video interview experience like they have never had before using a platform designed specifically for video interviewing.

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Give Feedback to Thousands of Candidates

A scalable, automated way for brands to instantly provide feedback to thousands of screened-out and shortlisted candidates, with no extra time investment.


Translate complex data into accessible insights to help new hires with performance and development and unsuccessful applicants with their future growth.

A Personalized and Branded Candidate Experience

Every candidate enjoys personalized feedback in language that reinforces your culture and keeps them close to your brand.

SHL solutions for video interviewing

Help you respond to change

Organisations need an intuitive and proven tool for video interviewing – since the beginning of the pandemic 50% of recruiters reported that it is difficult for them to identify the right candidates because they don’t have adequate and reliable technology, and the number of applications has increased.

Offer a positive candidate experience

Our video interviewing platform offers much more than a conference call. It enables a faster selection process and an end-to-end experience that delighted 89% of the candidates.

Are innovative

Our solutions use state-of-the-art technology and are specially designed for video interviews with a built-in database of questions based on our scientifically proven best practice, with the possibility to add your questions.

Are fast and efficient solutions for candidates as well as organisations

The traditional screening process is limited and takes time and other necessary resources. Smart Interview on demand allows candidates to present and answer your questions whenever and wherever suits them, while giving recruiters a tool to evaluate a large number of candidates in a short amount of time.

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Smart Interview on Demand

Experience video interviewing in which candidates record answers to your pre-selected competency-based questions.

Candidates can record responses when and where is most convenient for them, while your team gets the opportunity to screen in a much faster and more innovative way, reviewing a large number of applications in a short period of time. Recordings of responses can be shared between team members, making collaboration easier and decisions even faster.

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Smart Interview Live

Delight selected candidates with a live video interview solution – an interactive, immersive video interview on a branded platform designed specifically for interviewing, which makes it the best solution for remote selection.

Candidates can be assessed through 1-2-1, group, or panel interviews, and a pre-designed database of competency-based questions is available, with the possibility to add yours, instant file sharing, chat functions, and candidate assessment against predefined parameters.

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Smart Interview Live Coding

The live interview designed as a solution for hiring in the IT industry represents an enhanced experience of technical interviews in a virtual environment with the ability to assess the skills of developers in over 50 programming languages.

In addition to interacting with the candidate in real-time, collaborating via whiteboard and chat, the assessor can capture notes that are stored directly in the video recording, so that they can later serve as references, and a recording of the interview also remains available after the meeting.

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