Managerial solutions

Managerial Solutions

Managers are the most important factor in the success of your company’s business.

They should be seen as people who motivate others, know how to, devise and implement a strategy in action steps. They know how to recognize the abilities and competencies crucial for someone to fir into the organisation, not only into the team.

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Our solutions

All of our solutions are available on our Talent Central platform and can be used either separately or as a pack.

Virtual Assessment and Development Center

Candidates are more than their CV. Bring them into an environment that will test their reasoning skills and management style of different techniques, thus ensuring a high degree of predictability of future work performance.

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Personality Assessment – OPQ32

Assess the preferred style of behaviour of your employees, their strengths and areas of development, to predict their success in specific roles.

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Video interviewing on demand and live

Our video interviewing platform is much more than a conference call – it is designed to overcome the challenges posed by the remote selection process. Our on-demand solutions enable fast screening of a large number of candidates, and our live interviews make for a pleasant experience of evaluating selected candidates.

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Situational Judgement Test for Managers

Evaluate those managers who have the necessary key competencies and skills to face organisational challenges and manage talent in a way that improves the performance of your organisation.

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The importance of management

Managerial selection is critical to business success.

Organizations often make underinformed hiring and promotion decisions. Each ineffective manager can cost a company 3x their salary. SHL understands the science behind successful manager recruitment and can help you hire the most promising talent.

Management diversity drives better business outcomes.

Gender-diverse, inclusive teams outperform less inclusive teams by 50%. Yet only 10% of senior-level corporate positions are held by minority women. SHL’s objective people insights secure diverse, top-quality managerial talent that brings productive new perspectives.

Good managers optimize their teams’ output.

An effective manager improves team engagement, commitment, and results. High-performing managers can boost performance by 26%. Scientifically hire great managers with the capability to lead rather than relying solely on resumes or past achievements.

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Assessing Managers

Individuals who possess the competencies and skills to be exceptional managers contribute to organisations in many ways. Not only has research shown that successful managers can raise an organisation’s performance by up to 26%, but unsuccessful managers are one of the main reasons employees leave the organisation.

SHL research found that 82% of organisations fail to implement a successful recruitment program and retain successful managers. We therefore advise you to approach the selection of managers through the following steps:

  • Set standards of success for your managers from the beginning
  • Proactively identify talent in your company
  • Simplify your choice with consistent science-based psychometric solutions
  • Delight candidates by providing a positive experience and giving value

SHL technology provides interactive candidate experience throughout the selection process and provides valuable feedback. Our Talent Central platform, which is a unique base of all SHL psychometric tools, is easy to use, and like our assessments, is designed with the user in mind. It also integrates with all leading ATS software.