Talent management

TALENT management

Bring unrivaled objectivity and accuracy to every talent management decision.

The business strategy of any organisation is only as effective as the employees of the organisation are ready to implement it. That is why it’s important that organisations have an insight into their employees, their strengths and development needs. World-leading people science and analytics at your fingertips, supported by a single source of multi-purpose talent data.

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All of our solutions are available on our Talent Central platform and can be used either separately or as a pack.

Talent Mobility

The ability of an organization to be the first to adapt to major changes comes down to defining the talents of their employees, mobility within the organization, and efficient management of business contexts.

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Talent Audit

A strategy does not work when you do not have the talent to implement it. Assess talent in your company to your desired business outcomes and identify places where there is a need for new skills and talent development.

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Competency Fit

SHL’s Solution combines science and technology to simplify the process of collecting, analyzing, and visualizing people data at scale, opening up your talent management strategy outside of those top leadership levels.

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Enterprise Leader Development

In today’s world of remote and hybrid workplaces, leaders need the skills to bring their employees and the wider enterprise together, with a shared culture and purpose.

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SHL’s HIPO model is based on years of studying high potential employees and programs to identify the critical factors that determine their success.

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Succession Planning

Succession planning puts a lot of pressure on HR professionals. It is important for them to know how to identify different talents ready to face challenges in high positions.

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