Assessment & Development Centre Design

Assessment & Development Centre Design

Assessment and Development centres are one of the most valid assessment methods because they make obtaining a complete picture of the candidate possible. Our training is rich in practical examples and exercises that ateach you how to design and implement assessment and development centers in your organization.

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Who is the training for?

  • Those who wish to become self-sufficient in the design and implementation of Assessment & Development Centres
  • Line managers that want to implement or improve existing Assessment and Development Centres
  • Everyone who wants to learn how to implement Assessment and Development Centres in their organisation

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the key differences between Assessment & Development Centres and what this means in terms of your design, implementation and follow on activities
  • How to select the right competencies that should be assessed
  • Understand how to select the appropriate assessment exercises and how to design exercises
  • Manage Assessment & Development Centre logistics including timetabling and integration of results from a range of assessors
  • Appreciate your responsibilities around Fair Selection in the context of Assessment & Development Centres
  • The pit-falls and challenges you may face and how you can manage these effectively when they occur
  • How to create a business case for running assessment/development centres and how to evaluate the impact of your assessment/development intervention


  • Use of Assessment and Development Centres
  • Competency Models as a basis for Assessment Centres
  • Importance of Job Analysis
  • Method and advantages of Assessment Centres
  • Desing and Implementation of an Assessment Matrix
  • Data Integration
  • Assessment Centre Exercise Design
  • Implementation of Development centres
  • Review and Validation of centres
  • Fair Selection Methods
  • Connecting Assessment and Development Centres to organisational goals
  • ROI and Assessment Centres