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Graduate recruitment is an investment.

Identify the best graduates with SHL solutions that accurately assesses potential, the extent to which an individual fits into a particular position or organisation, and their capability to help you achieve organisational goals.

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Our solutions

All of our solutions are available on our Talent Central platform and can be used either separately or as a pack.

Job Focused Talent Assessment for graduates

Identify graduates with the potential for success that will grow and develop their talent in your organisation.

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Cognitive Ability Test
Verify Suite

Identify those talents with high problem-solving ability and strong critical thinking through our set of cognitive ability tests.

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Video interviewing
on demand and live

Quickly screen candidates with our on-demand remote interview solution and enable candidates to show their skills with live video interviews.

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Virtual Assessment and
Development Center

Gain insight into how candidates solve tasks typical for their job and assess the level of their fit into a position or job role through the competencies that are crucial for their success.

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Situational Judgement Test
for graduates

Assess the candidate’s style of behavior in typical business situations using a situational judgement test designed from the perspective of competencies important for graduates with little or no work experience to have.

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Why is it important to approach the
assessment of graduates in a different way?

The selection of graduates is challenging for the candidates, but also for their future companies. It is primarily a group that has little or no work experience, which means that it’s difficult to make an informed decision about their behavior in the work environment and predict their future work performance. SHL has therefore developed specific assessments that target graduates, which enables a positive candidate experience and acquaints them in the right way with the expectations of the position and your organisational culture, values and brand.

Today’s graduates expect more from the selection process and are twice as willing to accept an offer if they feel they have been evaluated in an objective and fairway. With this in mind our approach consists of active motivation and meaningful interactions with your team, which allow them to understand the requirements of the position through real situations and to fit in the best possible way. This is possible even in a virtual environment with our award-winning and world-renowned assessments and interview technology platform designed just for that with the possibility of personalised video feedback for each candidate.

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