Personality and Motivation

Personality and Motivation

The future performance of employees depends on characteristics such as motivation, ambition, and fit into the team. Although the fact that personality is the most correlated with the work performance of employees is generally left aside, more and more companies are attaching importance to assessing and predicting the preferred style of behavior of candidates for a certain position.

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SHL tools for personality assessment

SHL defines personality as a typical or preferred way of behaving, thinking, and expressing a person’s feelings. The OPQ is based on this SHL definition of personality and presents a represents a tool for assessing behavior exclusively in the work environment.

If you have an insight into employees’ behaviour you will be able to:

  • Manage their further development within the company with much greater efficiency
  • More efficiently determine who is the ideal candidate for employment and who is the ideal candidate for promotion within the company by gaining insights about their preferred style of behavior
  • Gain better understanding of cognitive abilities that are influenced by personality, because how much someone will express and further develop their cognitive abilities depends on their personality
  • More effectively assess which candidates will best fit into the team and how they cope with stressful and challenging tasks in the company by understanding their preferred way of behaving

Personality Questionnaire

Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ32)

OPQ32 provides a clear framework for understanding the personality in a business environment and its share of successful job performance for a particular position. It helps employees better understand their strengths as well as developmental aspects at the personality level.

The OPQ model consists of 3 basic domains: relationships with people, thinking style and feelings and emotions.

It can be used in many ways when recognizing and making development plans for an individual or an entire team, as well as during the selection process.

During these 40 years of existence, over 90 independent studies have been done. Over 40 different industries have applied the OPQ32 methodology with reliable evidence of the effectiveness of this tool in forecasting and achieving business expectations and results.

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